Fitness watch functions explained.

Here is a short overview of each category to give you that information you need to find a watch that will enhance your workout:
Cycling Computers:

As the title suggests, these are perfect for cyclists. Most devices will offer you information such as; RPM - Rotations per minute, effectively how many times the pedal makes a complete revolution per minute, Heart rate (dependent on heart rate monitor) and distance. Click here to see our selection.
Fitness Trackers:

Fitness trackers are great for improving your general fitness and idea for beginners! Some of the information a fitness tracker could give you is; tracking your quality of sleep, how many steps you’ve made in that day, length of time you’ve been physically active for, and how many calories you’ve burnt. If this is information you want, a fitness tracker is perfect for you! Click here to see our selection.
GPS Watches:

Tracking your location can be a fantastic way to measure progress for someone who is looking to take their fitness to the next level. The watches use a GPS tracking system that can give you very detailed information about latitude, longitude, speed and altitude. These functions can give you detailed data, which makes measuring progress a breeze! Click here to see our selection.
Heart Rate Watches:

Whether you’re an experienced athlete or a beginner a heart rate monitor could be a great option. A monitor gives you knowledge of your cardiovascular system, something you would otherwise wouldn’t have. This helps you discover how efficiently your body can recover after exercise, which can allow you to push yourself further as well as exercising safely by not over exerting yourself. Click here to see our selection.
Smart Watches:

The future of fitness watches. A smart watch can give you so many options, the most popular feature is the synchronization with your smart phone. The world of apps allows you to have all of your fitness data at the touch of a button. In just minutes, if not seconds all the data from your workout can be uploaded to your smartphone. Not only can it enhance your workout, but it can allow you to; answer phone calls, play music, be used as a navigation system & many more. Click here to see our selection.