Aqualung i750TC Dive Computer

– Colour display
– USB Reader included
– Intuitive


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Dive Computer i750t Aqualung: The Best Of Technology at the service of your diving. High visibility clear colour OLED screen and super bright with adjustable for perfect clarity, so as to allow to save the battery when a high intensity display is not necessary. The i750t is very easy to use with an intuitive menu with only 3 buttons to make your changes and to adjust your settings. Through the diverlog app, to download, you have the interaction between your computer i750t and your tablet or phone with the latest Bluetooth 4.0 wireless. You also have a compass 3 axes allows for a complete with graphics, easy to read, the cap and cap at the back for easy navigation. Make your gas without hose and replace the gas mixture for your diving. Its Own Special algorythme calculates the remainder in real time in real time, allowing accurate gas management. So the transmitter is available, sold separately, and once paired to your computer to be used to guarantee; expected to last more than on the boat worries associated with other divers transmitters. The i750t comes with a strap, a screen protector, and one additional battery and seal kit even if Aqualung recommend to make the change of battery store store.

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